Department of Avian Biology and Ecology


Our team has been working as a part of the Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. We focus mainly on birds, but we often use other groups of organisms as model species. Our researches deal with population ecology, evolutionary biology, breeding biology, behaviour, as well as protection of global biodiversity. Within the wide scope of interests our group members particularly following issues:

  1. bird migration (Piotr Zduniak, PhD),

  2. ecology and conservation of cavity users (Ziemowit Kosiński PhD),

  3. mechanisms, functions and evolution of animal coloration (Adrian Surmacki PhD),

  4. spatial distribution modeling of vertebrate and invertebrate (Jakub Z. Kosicki, PhD),

  5. ecology and conservation of wetland birds and also ecology of Corvids (Aleksander Winiecki, PhD),

In order to explain complex biological processes we use fieldwork combined with experimental methods and bioinformatics techniques, such as mathematical modelling and simulations.


Department of Avian Biology and Ecology

Faculty of Biology,

Adam Mickiewicz University

Umultowska 89

61 - 614 Poznań, Poland

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Birds of New Zealand, 2011 expedition

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(only in polish) Ukazała się książka o Ptakach Karpat, której współautorami są Jakub Kosicki i Ziemowit Kosiński z naszego Zakładu

New grant NCN PRELUDIUM for Marta Ostrowska (supervisor: Jakub Z. Kosicki) on vertical distribution of tardigrades. We are looking for students.

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